300 Miles to Pigsland Hacked Game

300 miles to pigsland hacked game

Watch Out for Pig Puns

I would imagine that pigs have a fairly good life right up until the point that they are made into bacon and other succulent variations of pork cuts. They seem incredibly happy whenever you witness them rolling around on a farm or in the film Babe (these are my two sources of pig knowledge), and I’ve never once seen a pig that is depressed, moping around and listening to Sarah Mclachlan songs on repeat while it cries slowly. I’m sure that receiving an invitation to a pig paradise (not to be confused with the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion) would also lift porcine spirits around the farm, particularly when considering that this paradise has all of the amenities and enclosures that pigs absolutely love. The only problem is that the journey from where the pigs are to this paradise is rather treacherous: it is 300 Miles to Pigsland, in fact, and this platformer-style journey from VladG is going to require a considerable bit of manoeuvring skill, upgrades, and a whole lot of patience before you reach the piggy paradise that is the end point of your pigrimage (that’s right, a pig pun).

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Hack Information:

Hackbar: Press 1 Money - 2 Godmode on - 3 Godmode off - 4 Wings

Number of Plays: 5745

Rating: 8

Category: Arcade

Size: 38.73 KB

Survival of the Piggiest

300 miles to pigsland hacked game: Survival of the Piggiest

Though 300 Miles to Pigsland has two gameplay modes, the one that justifies the title is adventure mode which involves travelling in a side-scrolling fashion from point A to point B, with the distance between these points being 300 miles and it being your responsibility to guide the pigs all the way through each and every mile. It is a platform adventure, and for those of you unfamiliar with the genre, just think Super Mario but with pork and a lot less cool features.  Movement through the level is automatic as your pig just keeps on walking, but it is up to you to control its other movements such as jumping (Z or mouse button 1), moving down from platforms (downwards directional arrow) or doing the inevitable and making a mockery of the phrase ‘when pigs fly’ by actually making the pigs fly. As well as simply surviving the many pitfalls, wolf traps, actual wolves, bears, and other creatures that love to feast on pre-death sausage meat, you can also collect coins that are to be spent on upgrades.

Swine Flew

The upgrade system adds another tier of entertainment and also capability to your pigs, since many objects and platforms in adventure mode are initially inaccessible in an un-upgraded state. You can use your money to purchase certain advantages like extra pigs (i.e. extra lives), protective helmets, lamps for use in dark areas, and the ability to fly. Puzzle mode also augments the pig-based fun by challenging you to complete various puzzles under conditions of having limited funds for upgrades that must be chosen wisely for each particular predicament.

I wouldn’t recommend playing 300 Miles to Pigsland if you’re averse to sickly sweetness and games that hit a level 10 on the adorability scale(the scale only goes up to five, by the way; try Kamikaze Pigs if you like the cuteness to be dialled down a bit), but if you enjoy games that are stylishly cute then you may be onto a bit of a winner here. The control system is a little frustrating (why is Z used for jump instead of the up button?!) and it can be wildly annoying to die after reaching say 250 miles and having to restart the adventure all over again, but this is all part of the incredibly frustrating yet ferociously fun gameplay. Platforming just got piggy, and 300 Miles to Pigsland is solely responsible.


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